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Can the medication Prednisone cause a yeast infection? (please no perverted answers)?

Question 1
Can the medication Prednisone cause a yeast infection? (please no perverted answers)?...  Can Prednisone cause yeast infections? I recently obtained a prescription for it and that "area" (hahah) is feeling slightly irritated. I haven't had sex in the last 2 weeks and YES I am washing that "area" daily lol so perverted answers!
yeah I definitely had to get it (unfortunately) or else my throat would close up. I have Mono and it causes your throat to swell severly, put me in the hospital twice so far. Thanks!:) & CRAP lol now I need to go get MORE medicine for something else lol

1)   Yes, it can, its listed as one of the side effects so get out your magnifying glass and read the side effects label and it should be right there. As well, prednisone can cause moon face (bloated face) weight gain, irritability, diarrhea, nausea, depression, kidney problems, liver problems, headaches... and the list goes on... how do I know? I had it prescribed to me for one of my ailments and after reading the side effects I didnt get the prescription because I have one illness now if I take that crap, I could end up with several. But to each his/her own because sometimes one cant get around it... I am fortunate enough that I can. - Agnostic Queen

2)   It absolutely makes you more likely to get a yeast infection. There is over the counter treatment available. Most of the listed side effects of prednisone are due to long term use. don't stop without discussing it with your doctor. - curator

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4)   In a round about way, yes.

It is not likely it is your cause, but it may have been the tipping point that allowed an existing infection to take hold.

Your infection is bacterial, as I'm sure you know. Prednisone is a steroid that namely reduces inflammation but will also suppress the immune system.

This suppression of the immune system is what can give way to a bacterial infection that goes a little past what it otherwise would have.. ie: The yeast.

So, the prednisone didn't give it to you, but it lowered your immune system, possibly, enough that the bacteria was able to grow beyond the control of your otherwise healthy immune protection.

Active culture yogurt is great for preventing and helping Yeast infections.. as the proper balance of 'good' bacteria is critical in the battle of such infections.

It is likely when you get off the prednisone the body will fight off the infection, though given it is so early in the yeast infection (if it exists) some light treatment now, WITH the steroid will quickly take care of it.

Your doctor should be able to handle this without problem. Whomever prescribed the prednisone should easily prescribe something to treat your Yeast, or you could go ahead and use an OTC variety.

Take care, - Jared

5)   Prednisone affects your immune system so it makes you more likely to develop infections, including yeast infections. You can try an over the counter antifungal cream or talk to your doctor. Good luck. - N

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7)   You should use fluconazole, it is the best about it you can get information from here - Eddy Eberst

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Question 2
What should I do about my acne?...  So I have had acne for the past 4 years, I'm almost 20. I have used everything too (Proactiv, cetaphil, clean & clear, differin, minocycline, dioxycline hyclate) and now I am on clarithromycin and some benzoyl peroxide things. Any ways I looked in the mirror tonight and I have seen no improvement. I am really sick of acne and wasting so much money on all these products and pills. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking about maybe just going off all these things and seeing if my body can fight it off naturally. Thanks for your suggestions.

1)   Rip your face off with a machete - Salem

2)   Here i s an excellent site with some wonderful options for you. It will definitely help you. Have a look. - Cristin Ohotto

3)   I'm 35 and I still have occasional acne issues, but its _nothing_ like when I was 20. Your only real hope is that you'll eventually either totally grow out of it or at least vastly improve with age. Sure makes your teenage years a lot harder though, huh?

All the over-the-counter and prescription treatments only work to a degree and are better for some and worse for others. - Matthew Baldwin

4)   if its bad enough and you want it gone badly see if you can get onto accutane. but be sure you want to do it and read up on the side effects and precautions before you start if you do get it. it worked miracles for me.

and yes time will clear it up eventually - Evan P

5)   Acne isn't a disease like a virus or anything like that. It's to do with hygiene routine. I have found that usually when people have chronic acne, its just that their routine doesn't work well. I'll tell you what works for me and almost everyone I know. If it doesn't work, time to talk to the dermatologist.

Before you go to bed every night, make sure you wash your face with soap/cleanser and a washcloth. The soap washes away most of the crud, while the washcloth gets deep into the crevices of the skin. Wash off any makeup, sunscreen, ect. If your skin dries out after washing, use a gentle acne-fighting face lotion before you go to bed. You want your skin to be as clean as possible before sleeping.

In the morning, before you go to work/school wash your face again with the washcloth and soap. This will get rid of any excess lotion, and wipe off any crud that collected overnight. Let your skin dry and recover before putting on any cosmetics, so the pores have a chance to shrink and be less accessible to crud and dirt.

During the day, keep your hands and such off your face. Leaning into your hand all day is just asking for zits. Avoid lots of sugary junk food as well; science has proven that unhealthy eating causes acne. So if you eat french fries every day, time to reconsider :)

Make sure that you wash your pillowcase at least every week, or whenever you do laundry. Any and all crud that is on your face ends up on the pillow, so it can get messy. Also, wring out the washcloth thoroughly after use, and let it dry with the rest of the towels; it will keep from harboring bacteria this way. Run it through the wash at least once a week also.

You can use soap or face cleanser to clean the face; I find that soap is good at removing most of the dirt, while using cleanser after the soap really finishes the job. I use any type of bar soap, and I use AcneFree cleanser. You can buy it near the cosmetics at Walmart or Target.

Try this routine for a few weeks. You must wash your face twice a day or even more every single day, or your acne will continue to plague you. If it doesn't go away, time to talk to the skin doctor.

Good luck :) - LadyBastet

6)   While it won't be instant. Try a natural(sih) remedy for acne. Aspirin. If you take a few aspirins, a teaspoons of water, a drop of honey, and mix them all, then you can apply that mix to your face daily and within 2months you should see some level of improvement.

Here is a video on how to do it:

I think it works rather well because i have maybe had two or three actual pimples ever blemish my face. And i think that is pretty good considering i am 14, and this should be around the age that i get alot of acne. - sleeping...

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Question 3
Is it possible to lighten your skin color without getting skin cancer?...  hey i am a 16 year old boy. my skin color is really a light tan, but since i go out in the sun a lot, my forarms, legs, neck and face are like darkish tan.. i want to know if its possible to revert my skin color back or at least get it lighter. now i have heard hat it not good using skin lighteners because it may cause skincancer, so im asking only those who really know what they are doing, to answer my question please. Is it possible to lighten my skin color? a natural remedy would be better as knowing that i do not have money to spend on skin care products. If there are ways, please tell me.
thanks for your time and answers!!!!

1)   Michael Jackson did it, im sure you can. Play with little boys, that will help. - Bert

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3)   about it you can get information from here - Eireann Heidrick

4)   put on sunscreen when you go into the sun, and exfoliate your skin when you shower.
that should help it go back to normal faster - Evan P

5)   You don't need to bleach anything. Over the winter if you avoid sun exposure the darker areas should fade to the same color as your chest and belly. That is if permanent damage has not been done. Prevent tanning next summer, or over the winter if you are in the south, by applying a UVA blocking sunscreen daily. Even on cloudy days the skin should be covered with sunscreen or clothing if you want to prevent color. If you cover regularly, take vitamin D. - curator

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Question 4
I've never had chicken pox, I'm 21. Can I still get it?...  What are some things that can make you immune to chicken pox?
What are common misconceptions about this disease?
I had the vaccine as a child, but I have a low immune system.
My friend told me that everyone is SUPPOSED to get it which I don't believe.

1)   I'm 45 and never had the chicken pox either. I even held a child with the fever of chicken pox. I know adults can catch chicken pox, but so far I'm good. I was recently diagnosed with Lupus which is an hyperactive auto-immune disease. That could be why I didn't catch it when I was exposed. - §♫♪‹(•¿•)›☼»-(¯`v´¯)-»\\

2)   Yes, you can still get it. The older you are the worse it can be. - mister

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4)   Yes, you might be able to get chicken pox, but a vaccine has been available for several years now that you might ask your doctor about. Chicken Pox can be serious in older people, especially if your immune system is already compromised. - knittinmama

5)   You should see a doctor and get the varicella vaccine. If you are exposed to someone with chickenpox then you can get it.
As you get older the chickenpox can have a more severe effect so it is important to get the vaccine to protect yourself. - N

6)   If you have doubts as to your immunity to chicken pox, have a titer drawn for varicella-zoster antibodies. If you need another vaccination to boost your antibodies, you'll find out.

"I've never had chicken pox, I'm 21. Can I still get it?" -- Well, yeah....if you lack immunity and you're exposed to the varicella-zoster virus (VZV). Being 21 won't save you.

"What are some things that can make you immune to chicken pox?" -- There are only 2 things that make you immune. You've had chicken pox or you've been vaccinated against chicken pox. That's it.

"What are common misconceptions about this disease?" -- That chicken pox is a harmless disease. That chicken pox is never fatal. That if you've had a herpes zoster outbreak, exposure to some one with chicken pox will trigger another h. zoster outbreak. That it's better to take your kid to a chicken pox party than have him vaccinated. - TweetyBird

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Question 5
How do you get rid of freckles on the arm?...  I dont mean big noticable freckles..I have small light freckles only on my lower arms though..You can't see them when im inside but when I go out into the sun you can see them..How do I make them go away! I am a perfectioness with ocd & this may sound pathetick but its ruining my life!!! I can't go out without wearing long sleeve that covers my arms because of it..I can't even bare to be out in the sun..

1)   I recommend you to see ---->
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2)   Apply a sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays on your arms daily. You'll never be able to fade your freckles if you continue exposing your arms to the sun. Choose a sunscreen with a high SPF rating for effective protection.

Wear long-sleeved shirts as much as possible. While sunscreen is essential, clothing offers more protection. If you'll be outside for long periods of time, it's best to cover up.

Use a bleaching cream on your arms. Bleaching creams work to lighten areas of dark pigmentation so they'll work on freckles. You can find over-the-counter bleaching creams in most drugstores.

Get chemical peels on your arms. Chemical peels are commonly used on the face but they can be used on any body area for effective results. The chemicals will burn away the outermost layers of skin so the younger, smoother skin below is exposed. Freckles will be less apparent after peels though you may need a series of them to achieve the results you're after.

Talk to your dermatologist about laser treatments. Intense laser light will target the freckles, breaking up their pigment. The pigment will then be reabsorbed by the body's immune system. In addition, the laser will reach to the dermis and encourage collagen production so your skin will look smoother and feel firmer.

Rub fresh lemon juice on your arm freckles. People have found that the acidity in the lemon juice helps to lighten freckles. Let the juice sit on the area for about 10 minutes before rinsing it off. - -girl with the dragon tattoo-

3)   You can't get rid of freckles unless you want to get them lasered off, but that can be very expensive and there's nothing to say they won't come back.

I know how you feel, I have several moles on my arms and for years I was embarrassed by them and always wore long sleeves. Eventually I got sick of never being able to have bare arms, so I just told myself to get over it and forced myself to wear short sleeves for a few days. When I realized that nobody else cared or even noticed but me, I felt a lot better and am now comfortable wearing tank tops and short sleeves all the time.

And besides freckles are cute. - zoeey

4)   You cannot. Freckles are pigmentation in your dermis/cutaneous layer/skin. A combination of sun exposure, body type, all determined by genetics.

You can lessen the amount and intensity of freckles with less sun exposure, but you can't put a magical product on them to rid yourself of them.

There are laser treatments that will remove them but they come with lifestyle modifications. IE: If you were to remove all pigmentation 'spots' on your arms you would likely be relegated to zero or very VERY little sun exposure allowed on the treated areas due to the procedure. Not to mention it isn't cheap, and really a viable , practical, method as of yet.

I certainly believe in the not so distant future blemishes and 'age' features will be able to be removed without any consequence, but that isn't the case in the main stream as of yet.

So for now you will need to learn to do what you can to lessen the appearance, .. ie: sunblock, or clothing -- while also trying to work on managing your OCD to better cope with the fact you have these common spots that a vast majority of the population has as well.

I am not patronizing your OCD, or situation,.. Simply that rationally the best approach is going to be be compromising between handling both sides of the equation.

Take care, - Jared

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