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My heart stopped beating for 5-7 seconds - what does it mean?

Question 1
My heart stopped beating for 5-7 seconds - what does it mean?...  A few nights ago, after dinner, I was sitting at my desk and my heart stopped beating. It didn't start again for 5-7 seconds. I've had minor heart palpitations every once in a while before, but this was very different. I felt blood rush to my head, my heart actually felt like it was being squeezed, and I heard a whooshing sound in my ears. When my heart started again, it felt like it was really struggling to get back to a normal heartbeat. It scared me, but I didn't want to spend a night in the hospital (and a ton of money) to find out I was fine. It hasn't done it again since, but my chest has been feeling uncomfortable since then. Not tight or painful, just uncomfortable. Has anyone had experience with this that can offer advice or opinions? I appreciate it!

1)   If that had really happened you would have been dead. Your heart didn't stop beating. - Angie

2)   That means god is warning you, you should go to the doctors to see whats up. - Kenza B

3)   probably a minor heart attack. go to the doctor just incase - beelane

4)   em my advice wud be get to a doctor your artery could have clogged for that moment i wouldnt be looking for advice on the internet as no 2 problems are the same and i wudnt be worrying bout money as if u die from it ud wish u had spent the money no money can amount to a life bein lost - Richie

5)   You are advised to take homoeopathic medicine Crategus Q ( 10 to 15 drops in half cup of simple water thrice a day. - Muhammad Amin

6)   If that had really happened like you say it did then you need to go to your doctor and let him know because that could be a sign of an early heartattack. If that be the case then you need to get help with it or you could die. This is nothing to play with or about, so be serious and do something about it ok. - Melissa

7)   With what you are describing you should go see your cardiologist very soon because that isn't normal and you could have had a mild infarceration of the heart (heart attack) or your heart has changed the fibulation and they need to shock it back perhaps and they can do an EKG to find out but really that needs to be checked by your doctor because he knows your history and no one here does and it's not always the right answer here and you shouldn't be trusting your life to a answering site. Your life is important and you don't want to ignore this and then end up dying or worse off than you are. Just go see your doctor soon. Hope you get better and treated for whatever os going on. :) - lilginny

8)   You feel your heart stop for few seconds,we call this "skip beat" is a sign of cardiac arrhythmia,for a young person without pathological heart most common is due to PVC(premature ventricle contraction)or PAC(premature atrial contraction) but could also sign of other non benign arrhythmia(irregular heart beat) since your symptom comes and go you may have paroxysmal supra ventricular tachycardia(short period of fast heart beat ).Since you have some symptoms you may need to have complete PE and at less an EKG by your family doctor and let him decide to refer you to a cardiologist for complete cardiac work up. - Wau


Question 2
should i keep moisturizing my lips?...  my lips are semi-swollen/cracked sort of tile like. ive tried keeping my lips moist for about 3 weeks, by apply vaseline..lip balms.. neosporin with SPF 20. every time i apply a moisturizer, the skin layer will turn white, and become very vulnerable to peel off. if peeled off, underneath is raw/red skin. the swelling seems like it will not going away until the healing process is complete.

ive tried letting my lips dry out, and the swelling does go down and begin to look normal again. But my skin would look rough and simple smile would cause them to crack and tear.

i drink lots of water, i always take my vitamins, excerise at least twice a week, and most importantly, keep my contact with my lips at a minimum. i dont even shower anymore, ill take a bath to avoid getting water on my lips. ill drink/eat by sort of birdying it into my mouth.

what should i do? alright, hopefully u guys can help me out, thank you in advance.

1)   Go to the doctor - anica2831

2)   Try Burts Bees Beeswax regular lip balm. It stays put unlike the other kinds. Vaseline comes off too fast. Neosporin has a fancy advertising campaign, but it's just vaseline, also. - Jules

3)   I have had this happen before and since the normal lip balms did nothing to help in any way (only worsen) I have since switched to shea butter lip balm made by Global Natural Products called "KARITE-LIPS". In 12 hours I noticed a remarkable difference and now my lips are soft and crack/pain free.

Beware of the normal lip balms marketed and the vaseline. They can do more damage than good. I have extremely dry skin and am very careful about what I use. - Nova

4)   You could try to use Blistex Lip Infusion Moisture Splash. It comes in a roll on type tube, it's not waxy or like vaseline, it's moist. It may be solid now but it goes on smooth like a liquid, it's great stuff. In winter lips tend to dry out terribly, try your best not to lick them as that only makes it worse. Most walgreens, walmart , target, or pick n save I've found this in health and beauty aisle. - tj


Question 3
tongue pirecing infection?...  i believe i have an infection cause i got my tongue pierced. would warm salty water help?

1)   GO TO THE DOCTOR!! You don't want your tongue to fall off - beelane

2)   It may help. You should contact the place that did the piecing to see what they recommend. If the infection is really bad, you need to take out the piercing. You'll know if it gets really bad (one good sign that you have a bad infection is if you get a fever). - monicalei

3)   You should trying cleaning it out with warm salt water 3 times a day and if you feel it necessary go back to cleaning it the way you did when you first got it pierced. If you do all these things, and you notice that the infection is not going away you should go to the doctor and ask them what you should do. At this point you would have already done everything the piercer would have told you, and it's time to go to the doctor. Then take the doctors orders from there.

P.S. Whatever you do, DO NOT TAKE IT OUT!!! the infection will swell in your tongue and become worse.

I have a tongue ring as well, so I hope this helps :) - Samantha G

4)   Hello, I'm a doctor. Use sumycin. I think that you want to get more info about it. Please go to ----> - Clarinda


Question 4
How to lowered HI blood pressure naturally? (no pills)?...  

1)   weight reduction and exercise works wonders for blood pressure. - David

2)   Low salt,low fat diet,stress management ,maintain normal weight and regular exercise - Wau

3)   Change your life style and lower your blood pressure by getting up early in the morning ,go for jogging and have exercise regularly in evening also.Take simple diet such as fresh vegetables and fruits. - Muhammad Amin


Question 5
I have a daschund which is 3-4 months old and it bit me and i bled.The dog is not vaccinated yet.?...  What are the chances of being infected with rabies?

1)   u have rabbies dude
lolz ur gunna die
gud luk with that
(8 - Louis

2)   *very* low chance, unless you let it play with wild animals.

But go get the poor thing vaccinated before it gets sick and dies. - Vincent F

3)   it all depend on the background of the dog and where you got it from and if it has had contact/ biting with any other animals with the disease.
i would go and get check out from the doctors and get the dog vaccinated as soon as possible! - Luucy


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