Monday, April 26, 2010

What diseases can humans catch from cows...?

Question 1
What diseases can humans catch from cows...?...  I'm just curious because I've been experiencing the following symptoms:

1.) Speech impdeiment.
2.) Inability to refrain from barfing.
3.) Lack of desire for normal activities like being on Y!A.

Is it possible that I caught something from a cow I might have interacted with?
I'm asking because I don't understand the diseases from cows or if humans can contract those diseases. Any help would be appreciated.
Don't be silly, I wasn't implying anything sexual. I meant normal, nothing to be ashamed of interactions...

What about just talking to a cow ans stroking it's hide...?

1)   You're retarded. - Lackadaisical

2)   ya tons of things... but they are from having sex with cows. did you have a crazy night? dude always wear a condom. - Trevor

3)   uhmm what kind of interaction were you having witha cow?

but you could have Mad Cow Disease - Miah

4)   Mad cow disease, Udder confusion, Methane gas emissions, bloated calves, Sour milk, Hay fever, the urge to chew on cods er.. cuds.

***LOL @ Trevor - Dr. Dekay Cynic

5)   retardification - alex s

6)   Wifeeetus? - back 2 normal...again!

7)   I cannot explain your speech impediment. Might have an anatomical or psychological origin. I doubt that what 're experiencing has anything to do with cows or any other type of farm animal. - TweetyBird


Question 2
prescribed meds for insomnia?...  My dad suffers from chronic insomnia so bad he has said he wants to commit himself! what is the best thing for him to get some sleep seriously!!!

1)   ambien - Kaylove;

2)   Sleeping pills. Take only as directed. - F

3)   I have used Ambien for 10 years. 90% of the time -- unless I'm really worked up -- they work just like magic: I go to sleep almost immediately, and sleep the night through. I highly recommend trying it. - PGM

4)   Zopiclone is great. No hangover feeling the next day. - softspot100

5)   You should use zolpidem, it is the best about it you can get information from here - Delcie

6)   I have been told that Ambien or Seroquel work very well. - brooklynbloom


Question 3
does using four condoms give you complete protection against AIDS?...  

1)   Assuming you are using them all at once... No. Multiple condoms will only rub against each other and wear down the material, making it more likely to tear. - BG

2)   No. Double bagging (triple or quad in your case) increases the chance of them breaking. - Scott

3)   is having sex with this person really work the chance of getting aids? im sure it cant be that amazing. why dont you find a nice girl with herpes - Trevor

4)   No. Using even two condoms at the same time increases friction between the condoms and doubles the chances of tearing. Using four quadruples the chances. - TweetyBird

5)   No. You actually increase the chances of condom failure. The condoms could become compromised by rolling down. Increasing the number of condoms could also cause them to break due to them rubbing against one another during the friction caused by sexual intercourse. Instead of adding more condoms it's best to use one condom, the correct way - by inspecting the condoms before use , by making sure you use the condom correctly, never reusing a condom & by using them every single time you have intercourse - CY


Question 4
Mono? Help please!!!?...  I had Mono for 3 and a half weeks and I'm just now getting better. Is it normal for my entire back, belly, and neck to be sore? I may be bed sore..anyone know if it's just after symptoms or somethin? Thanks..

1)   normal
be very careful not to come back too fast, because re-lapses are common with mono

So get plenty of rest - Dave87gn

2)   I had mono for 4 months two years ago, every once in a while my back and neck would ache, I found the back to just be bed sore, and the neck was because my lymph nodes were incredibly swollen. So just move around a bit sleep in different places when you're tired and try a heat pad for a while. It should make your back feel better. -

3)   I recommend you see --->
I hope that will help you, keep using - Angel

4)   This is within normal for some one who has mono. Muscle aches, neck stiffness and soreness. Normal. It will pass. - TweetyBird


Question 5
how to get pimples away?...  

1)   get proactive. or wash your face everyday. or an old remedy put toothpaste on it. it dries it up for the most part and takes the redness away. - Kendrix

2)   clean ur face 2or3 times a day - Chamu

3)   Put some water on aspirin pills until its a paste and just leave on for about 20 minutes and keep repeating, but don't overdose cause it get get into your bloodstream. - Charlotte

4)   I recommend you see --->
I hope that will help you, keep using - Mark


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