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Does Bronchitis cause Chest Pain?

Question 1
Does Bronchitis cause Chest Pain?...  I was diagnosed yesterday with Bronchitis. Today I have alot of chest pain. Is that a normal part? I cant walk from one side of the room to the other with out getting a shortness of breath. I am very weak.
I was prescribed a inhaler, steroid, and antibotics..

1)   It doesn't cause pain in your chest, it causes pain to your lungs. - Anita Coffee

2)   Normal symptoms, chest pain, breathlessness. Hope the medication clears it soon for you. - Peter

3)   yes it is all part of it i have had this myself ,just rest and do what your doctor tells you and you will be fine again ! regards - Leebe

4)   yes, best thing for u to do.. is bed rest. Bronchitis can convert into pneumonia... so, just be careful. Drink Vitamin C for immunity and Echinachea also for immune system... Hope u get better... drink lots of warm broths and orange juice (make sure nothing is cold) you can have OJ at room temp.... - aloha

5)   Infection in your lungs can cause your chest to ache. You're just very sick, and need to rest. Lots of fluids I know that sounds redundant, but it's necessary to help flush that infection out. - blcross03

6)   I suggest you to see ---->
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information about many health issues. hope that will help you as well. Thanks - Dr Rena

7)   yes it can. last year 2 days before my birthday i was diagnosed with bronchitis and the day of my birthday i had to go back cuz i couldnt breathe and i had pneumonia. so rest as much as u can and dont smoke. - megan


Question 2
what gives you breast cancer?...  many people say that many kinds of bras or what ever their called give you breast cancer but idk do they?

1)   No one really knows. it is just a load of BS company's spread to scare you. - alexiasunicorn

2)   I found this awesome website and you can find more information,about your question,
Take your time to visit ,I hope this helps! - Melly

3)   Current leading bets on causes - faulty gene (inherited), faulty gene (mutation in you), viral infection.
Not a risk - clothing - Peter

4)   i dont think bras give you cancer its mainly if it is in your family history . - ☆Best of British.

5)   I wish I knew...because I developed Breast Cancer at the age of 42....I highly doubt it is the bras. That's just ridiculous. - ChemoAngel


Question 3
is there any risk described below? the same thing happened 5 times (different days of course)?...  at lunch, i got some corn nuts out of the vending machine and ate them from my palm. what would be the risk if:

1. hiv + blood was on the corn packet from the part in the vending machine where the food lands), got on my hand then on the corn nuts, and in my mouth?

2. what would would be the risk if had a cut on my lips or in my mouth and blood got in there? i did eat them a few seconds after i got them. and i had night sweats the other morning, a 2 or three weeks after the first time. is this ars? or am i being paranoid?

1)   No risk - HIV is very fragile and cannot survive outside the human body. - Peter

2)   You can't tell for sure if it is aids but i think this is a high risk coincidence. You should stop eating food from a vending machine with blood on it. Any contact between bodily fluids makes it dangerous. you should go see your doctor just in case and stop getting food from there. - alexiasunicorn

3)   Eating the correct food is vital for your health. You can try supplementing your diet with acai berry, it is not solely a widely tested and acknowledged weight loss compound, it is a superfood too. There's a risk free trial offered at I have been using it for two weeks now and it is certainly having an effect!! - Anahi

4)   There would be no risk here....HIV is spread through unprotected sex with an infected person, male or female, and through blood to blood contact with an infected person. It does not survive outside the body long enough to cause this kind of spread route. You are not being paranoid, just very frightened of something you don't understand properly...and the only way to correct that is to read up about HIV and AIDS and educate yourself. Knowledge is power. - Mo


Question 4
Fastest way to get rid of acne?...  For quite a while now I've had acne all over my face and my back. At first I was fine with it, and thought I looked fine, but after comparing some photo's of me from last year and now I've realized how bad I look. Some of my friends have told me I should do something about it, and I decided to take their advice and try. I've tried several acne medications and none of them have helped. What is the fastest way you know to get rid of acne

1)   zapzyt...... works amazing! trust me - Ash K

2)   1)Wash your face twice a day in warm salty water.
2)Apply undiluted lemon juice, two to three times a day, on the affected areas.
3)Use green tea as a face scrub to loose blackheads.
4)try don't to eat to much junk food like chips chocolate ect.because you can get more by that.
5)Try to stay away from fatty foods. Eating correctly is very important in terms of keeping acne away. - Melly

3)   I suggest you to see ---->
I found this link a few days before on, it contains very useful of
information about many health issues. hope that will help you as well. Thanks - Dr Alex


Question 5
If a girl gets fingered. What STDs could she contract?...  People probably don't see the harm of a finger goinggg in themselves..
I mean..I don't

but I was wondering ..
maybe it is possible to get an std that way..
is it?

1)   If you have a open cut in your finger then its a possibilty.

STD is all about blood fusing. - Hershi

2)   you can get any infection which can be provided by a finger. - aziz

3)   She can't really contract any because STDs are trasmitted through sexual organs. I guess if you have one and touch it (?) then finger her you might get something, but then again, why would you do that? Or if your finger is bleeding enough for some of the blood to stay in there, then she might, but not if its her own blood.

EDIT: @Hershi- no, STDs are caused by the exchange of bodily fluids (not saliva.) Blood is one of them, but so is a lot of others. - BlakPilar


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