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Please help I've had a cold for over a week and a cough for 6 days?

Question 1
Please help I've had a cold for over a week and a cough for 6 days?...  Last week my cold started out with a sore throat, it lasted about 3 days, got a little stuffy and turned into a cough that seems like it won't go away. I've had several coughing fits where I can't stop coughing for 10 minutes or so without a break. I haven't taken any medicine except a mucinx today and I've been taking some of my antibiotics for two days now. I'm starting to feel like I should go to the doctor if I don't stop tomorrow. Could I have pneumonia? Should, I go to the hospital? I don't have insurance so I can only go if it's really an emergency?

Oh yes and I've been coughing up yellow mucus in the morning, not painful just something I need to spit out frequently, sorry if tmi.

1)   Yea... Time to find a way to the dr.s... - chelgirl87

2)   Go to the doctor - bisochim

3)   Get more vitamin C!!! I use to get like 5 colds in winter, but ive been taking a 500mg vitamin c tablets, and i only had 1 cold, instead of getting the tablets you could just drink some orange juice (alot) - brdevane

4)   Try going to a free clinic. Colds can last long though. I have had them last for 6 weeks, but I have a weaker immune system than average. Try also taking an antihistamine with the mucinex, it should help. - Starkissed

5)   Where'd you get the antibiotics from? Those things are dangerous if not taken for the the right disease.

Also, it sounds like Swine Flu. Better get your house in order.

Srry. : \ - Jason

6)   hmmmmmmmmm
maby he can help

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7)   it doesn't sound like Pneumonia, Yellow Mucus is a sign of a sinus infection, it shows your mucus is infected, but it also means its fighting the infection, your immune system will eventually kick in and you will be rid of it, so hold on for a little while longer. - Kyle

8)   You could have some kind of coldness diseases i think you should check in with your doctor
if you havent got insurance get emergeceny help before it gets serious

And i noticed you are not the UK otherwise you would get free healthcare - playboyx

9)   I think you should take advice from physician, - hassan

10)   There's every possibility that you've had respiratory allergies rather than a cold. The symptoms are much alike except you'll seldom have a fever with allergies. Try taking an antihistamine for a few days to see if your symptoms abate. You don't really need a combination drug, and there are lots of those on the shelves. Ask a pharmacist at the drug or grocery store where you shop for a recommendation of a plain antihistamine. An example is sudafed is an antihistamine, actifed has other ingredients added.

The mucus that generally runs down your throat and into your stomach tends to pool in the back of your throat as you sleep. That's probably what you're producing along with your cough in the mornings. - TexasRiverRat

11)   I have had pneumonia three times, and currently have congestive heart failure (I just wanted you to know I'm speaking from personal experience). If you take a deep breath and you are not wheezing, you probably don't have pneumonia.
Go to the store and get yourself a few bottles of 100% Vitamin C, sugar-free apple juice, and keep drinking either that or water until you feel better (it doesn't matter if it is cold or warm).
Also buy or borrow a vaporizer, fill it up to the fill line, close your bedroom door, and sleep with it on every night. If the water level drops down, fill it up again for the next night.
Also, if it is cold outside where you live, do not go outside without a hat or a hood on, and a warm coat.
Also, make sure that both your feet and your head stay warm and dry.
If you start feeling really horrible or you have a hard time breathing, you need to go to the emergency room.
Also, keep spitting out the mucus, do not swallow it.
All that over-the-counter crap will not do you much good. You can also check out WebMD.
Good luck, and take care of yourself. - hippiechick


Question 2
How can you get rid of acne naturally?...  I wanna know what are ways to clear up your acne without using any neutrogena, proactive, noxema, rubbing alcohol, etc.

1)   Well ive been drinking ginger ale green tea soda, and its clearing up alot :D it works for me, but i dont know if it works for you - brdevane

2)   First wash your hands and make sure they're dirt and oil free. Then get a clean towel and soak it in hot water. Place it on your face and let it open your pores. Then use soap (I find the antibacterial ones work really well) and wash. Then rinse off the soap. Afterwards, soak your face in cold water to close up your pores. - CitCat

3)   You can see your dermatologist and they can help, and provide information.
diet and exercise can play a big part, but your probably always going to have to use
a cleanser exfoliater or mosturizer, its a big part of your face routine - Jenny K

4)   Good luck, acne is genetic and 95% of the time has absolutely nothing to do with what you eat, how often you exercise, how often you're exposed to the sun.. or any other bogus lies you'll hear about acne. Those things may sound like they make sense but drinking water doesn't keep your pores from getting clogged with stuff in the air. go to walmart and get the st. ives apricot scrub it's in an orange bottle for like $3 and works wonders for me. Good luck! - some girl

5)   well I had really bad acne when i was a teen and today i pretty much have a clean face. I used to pop every zit even if it wasn't white or seemed ready. on top of that I showered regularly making sure to scrub my face good and used toothpaste as a natural cleaner to really get the pores good. don't be fooled by those kids on t.v. with acne who have white heads stickn out cuz they were afraid to pop them. It is really nasty to look at some kid who ahs atleast 4 white heads sitting there ready to pop and they are too afraid to pop them cuz theres a myth goin round that if you pop them you;ll spread the germs every where else. thats a lie. so heres some tips and just try out a few ideas on your own and dont be too afraid to take matters in your own hands - COredneck

6)   First you need to drink water- A LOT OF IT. Your body is full of the crap society offers us to eat, to get rid of the oils it comes out through your skin. If you drink enough water it won't need to. It will take about 1 month of drinking 8 glasses of water a day.

Next make sure you dont touch your face w/ your hands unless they're clean.
Change your pillowcase a LOT so the bacteria doesnt build up. Don't sleep on your hands. - Essa


Question 3
I think I'm dying. Can you help me?...  I'm so so hungry and I have been since the last time i was with Josh about 2 wks ago. I can't find relief. Is there something wrong with me? I got a sick about 30mins ago...if that helps its night time right now so yeah

1)   i dont think i quite understand, how are you dying? - Dustin

2)   eat if you are able to. if you can't go to the hospital and get looked over( and an Iv) - nora r

3)   If your hungry eat. Drink some hot tea and go to bed you will feel fine tommorow. - James

4)   if you think ur dying go see a doctor - Kati


Question 4
whats a good way to get rid of blackheads?...  I'm looking for ways to get rid of blackheads with ways that you don't have to go buy a special face wash or anything.

1)   First you need to soak your face in very warm water. To get them to come out you could try mixing cornmeal into your soup. Try using baking soda and a little water. Anything that is a little abrasive will help get them to unclog. You could give yourself a fruit facial. Apply a tonic like witch hazel when done (cost 99 cents) - Essa

2)   Look into this website, they have some excellent treatments for your problem: - Mekh

3)   they make these blackhead strip things, theyre really sticky and you stick them on your nose or wherever and wait a little while and then pull them off and they pull all the stuff out - aubs(;

4)   Squeeze them.
you can actually buy tweezer like things to squeeze them
but make sure you use clean hands, a disinfectant and a tissue.

goodluck - Jenny K


Question 5
I feel sick, how do i prevent throwing up?...  I keep massaging my stomach which seems to help, and i'm drinking fluids, anything else? any special foods??

1)   Light crackers, and maybe if your up for it, Grape juice. - ReaderRabbit

2)   just trow up trust me sometimes its good to just let it all out and ur tummy will start out all fresh and new so just go ahead!!!
BBBBBBBLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol - Katherine

3)   Yeah I massage my stomach too, it soothes it. I try fanning myself everytime I feel the throw up coming up, or I think happy thought. I noticed that when you think about throwing up, it happens. You can also try sitting or laying down instead of walking around, laying down would probably be best why don't you just go to bed early. If you have some ginger ale at the house, drink that. But my best advice is to just lay down and relax. - Lyndha


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